The world is moving towards electric vehicles!

The world is moving towards electric vehicles!

Yes; it has been a biggest achievement in the auto industry that oil is replacing by electricity. All auto manufactures are invested to develop their own vehicles in the new electrical era. As the world movie with new possibilities, the bright side of it; is a cost effective fuel system that can afford everyone.

India is getting ready for to make a big movement electric vehicles revolution. As part of it the government had started a study about implementing electric charging points at every railway stations all over India. The study has come out with the possibility positively. It will not take more than 10 years to implement the new electric era at all railway station. If the government who will control the administrative wheels in future makes any change in this strategy then it may be another story.

Study shows electricity of Rs.70 can make run a car up to 400 kilometers. As part of reducing the fuel cost some states in India had implemented electric buses for public service and the success has been given an idea them to go with more electric vehicles.

Implementing electric vehicles for public transportation system is a good opportunity for a developing nation like India to save and grow. Approximately 217 million metric tons oil India has importing every year. Domestic production has to add in it for to count the oil usage in our nation. Revelation in the electric vehicles in India will reduce the money spending for fuel in Middle East as well as it will create more business opportunity in the solar and wind power sector in India.

Most of the nations are started implementing electric vehicles instead of petrol and diesel. May be in the next 10 to 15 years, there will be a massive change in the transportation mode worldwide. The change causes less usage of crude and the oil price will fall worsen than now.

As all we know Middle East countries are entirely depend on the crude oil to run their world; some nation has been realized the change and diversified in to other sector like tourism and other business sectors. Nationalization in job sectors has been implementing in most of the gulf countries are also part of the electric vehicles era. It’s just implementing state-by-state. If we look at the ex-NRI’s list since last five years, 70% of them are not finding another opportunity to make their bread and butter.

The next 10 years will crucial for the nation to accommodate the gulf returns. 70% of them are especially from the Kerala state and they are going to face an issue to find an opportunity to get settled within the state.

Electric vehicles are going to make happy for entire the world; the state should plan and focus to give a platform to live the one who is going to come back without any choice.

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