Conflict in bar, one dead and five held.

Conflict in bar, one dead and five held.

Conflict inside the bar had come outside and turned into a murder. Puvanmala Rehab is the one has died. While a heated argument happening outside, the bar security Vepur Ampalakunnumal Viju, pushed him hard and his head had deep injury inside it cause for the death. The incident happened just outside the Chungam bar, Thamerassery where Viju has been work as security.

The other four members N.K Rajan ( Anaswara house), Haridasan ( Narikkuri ottapilappoyil), Anil kumar ( chammal mattapoyil) and Abhilash ( Chammel putheduthu) are also arrested along with bar security Viju. Other four had charged for helping bar security to hide the crime and destruct the evidence instead of taking him into the hospital.

According to the postmortem report, hard hit on the inside head is cause murder. Also, the CC TV footage has been clear evidence against bar security Viju and his partners in this crime.

Photo credits: ABP Live

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