Meat waste dumped in to Vellayani Lake.

Meat waste dumped in to Vellayani Lake.

Vellayani Lake is the only source to get natural drinking water for 1000 of people lives nearby the lake. The waste management companies have been dumping bulk quantity of meet and food waste in to the lake and this illegal action cause to spread viral diseases nearby families who use this water for drinking purpose.

Hotels in the Thiruvananthapuram city pay monthly Rs.20000 to the company for doing the waste management, they claims the waste are dumping for agro products factory at Kanyakumari. But most of the time the waste management company staff just dump it in to the Lake.

Yesterday they had disposed bulk quantity of meat waste in big plastic bags in to Vellayani Lake, near by the crown bridge area. Water reservoir has been supplying drinking water to Thiruvananthapuram Corporation and Vizhinjam port housing colony from there. The waste spread across the drinking water and it hasn’t worth to drink.

Kalliyoor Panchayat officials had arranged a JCB to remove all the waste but the bad odor make the cleaning job difficult.

Lack of Street-light nearby area is an added advantage for them to dump waste to the lake in dark and it is a regular habit for them. The people who stay nearby demands a police patrolling at night to avoid them to putting waste in to the Vellayani lake.

Photo credits: yatra

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