About the CBC news.

The CBC news is a joint venture between news plus India and news plus USA. The CBC news started to focus on the southern region of India. The CBC news is responsible for to bring news updates and news based programs to our readers and audience worldwide. The CBC new publishes its content and programs in the English language. The company found in 2008 in Mumbai, India.

The CBC news is associated with 140 news network worldwide. The CBC news network has 50 offices globally. The CBC news India is going to launch an online news portal in all Indian local language by the end of 2000.

The CBC news is focus to highlight the public issue that can help to make a better life for humans. We have clear policies to help the nation grow. That’s way CBC news always dares to show the corruptions by government authorities. All CBC news global reporters are in the strict guideline to showcase the news based on the truth. The CBC news always up lit the reader’s expectation in the news values and delivers it to the readers honestly.


The CBC news was started in 2008 at Mumbai, India. Later it spread its wings to the Middle East and North America. Now the global news hub is delivering service to everyone in the world. In 3 years’ time span The CBC news online portal has been famous globally. 2011 The CBC News online crossed 30 million page view globally. In 2011 March 13th our mother portal news plus USA was attacked by IS cyber hackers and in a day the CBC news overcomes the tough time.

In 2012 The CBC news is introduced the “child writers award“ to bring out the righting skills from the students. The CBC news organized an event based schools all over India to find the talents. In 2012 itself The CBC news comes out with another program for students who financially backward.

The CBC News Business


The CBC news was helped to grow more than 100 multinational and local brands and business. CBC business section always covers the product launch news worldwide. We bring the positive aspects of the business that help the investors to find the opportunity in it. We are the only one showed the dare to put the brands that harm its users.

The CBC News for Health Care.

CBC is always concern about the nation’s health. CBC health section is always in alert to report an issue in the health sector to get solutions for it. CBC India had reported first the Nipah virus attack at Kerala, India. After the CBC news report about the dirty Payward in various medical college and most of them are made clean by now.

The CBC in Kerala News.

The CBC is launched a special section to cover the heartbeats of Kerala. In 2012 CBC introduced a south section to update Kerala news in English. CBC covers all part of Kerala in every manner. CBC Kerala has a mission to uplift the business sector in Kerala and for that CBC started a Business Plus edition for it.

CBC Kerala news today is one of the top online news portals to cover the rural and village news updates. As part of the CBC growing mission, CBC achieved to be in top to update Kerala latest news for our valuable readers. Since we started CBC always keeps the news value upfront to uplift our company policies.