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50 lakh for each to the families of Anganwadi workers who lost their lives in the Corona war; Yogi Sarkar with the proclamation.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced financial assistance to Anganwadi workers who lost their lives during the Corona blockade. The state government will provide Rs 50 lakh each to their families. As many as 72 Anganwadi workers in the state have died of coronavirus during preventive operations.

The amount has been paid to the families through the District Magistrates. Instructions have been issued regarding this.

According to the State Child Welfare Department, there are 441 Anganwadi workers in UP. Of these, 426 were infected.


The Yogi government has recently taken steps to alleviate people’s suffering due to the Covid pandemic. The government had yesterday announced that it would take care of children whose parents died of corona infection.

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