Abaya and Hijab business industry is going to be strong in the wholesale sector.

Abaya and Hijab business industry is going to be strong in the wholesale sector.

Traditional Muslim women have carried forward the legacy of signature black veils, the abaya dress to cover oneself, for ages. However, the Arab fashion industry has modified this traditional outfit, Abaya into modern attire. International brands have taken the Muslim tradition and moved to cater to the Arab fashion world.

According to the GIE report, Abaya and Hijab users spend an estimated $230 billion on traditional clothing, a figure that is expected to grow to $327 billion by 2019. Larger than the current combined clothing markets of the UK ($107 billion), Germany ($99 billion) and India ($96 billion).

The Marketing Director of powerbiss.com, An online sales website, Sunil Kumar gave a clear business perspective about the Abaya industry.

According to him, Abaya and Hijab are part of the Muslim customers as the fashion style grows day by day the Abayas demand increasing as well. The current trend shows the scope of Abaya business in retail and wholesale. By 2023, a massive sales growth will hit the Abaya market worldwide and lots of online business ventures started to just focus that business era.

Most of the wholesale Abaya sellers are entered into the retail segments to sell their brands through online. India, the Middle East, and African countries are the heaven for wholesale Abaya exporters. The Islamic realm transformed into a fashion statement in traditional form and grabbing youngsters business.

Muslim women clothing industry is going to flourish worldwide, and the main advantage will be for the one who sells Islamic dress in retail. More Muslim women are attracted to trending designs in Abaya and Hijab. The opportunity is endless for Islamic dress designers too, the real creatives can gain huge demand for their new designs.

Designer Islamic dress will quotient in the wholesale clothing sector. Well designed abayas are necessary for the new world. Most of the Muslim women are started working various part of the world and that customers wanted news designer Abaya for their office wear. Muslim women, like Malala Yousafzai, reached the UN with her traditional dress Abaya and Hijab.

If we look at the Arab countries most of the employes at the government sector and banks are Muslim women the major workforce. All this area is the increasing business opportunity for Abaya wholesale sellers as well as the retailers. Even Saudi Arabia women are started going out for work, all this showcase the massive business growth in the Muslim women clothing.

While moving along with the world, every Muslim woman prefers to keep her look professional. That’s the way they always in the hunt for new designs in Abaya sector. One will be the master who is coming out with innovative Abaya and Hijab designs for the Muslim women clothing industry.

Some wholesale Abaya distributors using different sales strategy, they are directly dealing with schools and colleges as Abaya uniform suppliers. It also has an increasing demand for day-by-day.

Online Abaya sales can start with minimum investments. Getting the franchise in country wise is the ideal for small-time retailers. They can be the local distributor for the global online clothing store.

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