Arun, A Bank Staff Receives Justice After 4 Years of Brutal Arrest and Torture.

A recent landmark decision by the High Court has provided justice to Arun, a bank employee from Haripad who was wrongfully arrested and subjected to brutality four years ago. In October of 2017, Arun was falsely implicated in a case and, upon being apprehended by local police officers, subjected to extreme torture and inhumane acts of violence.

S. Arun, a resident of Haripad, is elated that justice has been served after four long years. Seven police officers, including a DySP and an SI, were found guilty of wrongfully arresting and physically abusing him on October 17, 2017. This ordeal had led to his hospitalization for a month, unable to even stand upright due to the severity of the injuries he sustained.

The Human Rights Commission had previously ordered a compensation of Rs 35,000 to be paid to Arun and for legal action to be taken against the accused officials. However, this decision was not implemented until Arun’s family approached the High Court, which then issued directives that these orders must be executed within two months. In addition, the court has ordered departmental action as well as a criminal case to be filed against the seven officers involved.

The High Court has taken it upon themselves to ensure that justice is served, directing the filing of a criminal case and departmental action against seven officials, including DySP Manoj T Nair and SI Ratish Gopi, who were responsible for Arun’s wrongful arrest and torture in custody.

The Human Rights Commission was ordered to pay compensation and file a case against the officials; however, the seven accused police officers had filed a petition with the High Court questioning the authority of the commission.

Arun expressed his gratitude to all those who stood with him throughout this long and trying ordeal, urging victims of similar situations to find the strength to raise their voices, as injustice can never be tolerated. With this ruling, Arun finally sees justice being served after four years of suffering.

This decision serves as a monumental reminder of the importance of upholding justice in every instance, and to not let any individual or authority go unchecked for their wrongdoings.

In many cases, accused police officers are able to avoid punishment from the police department due to their political influence. This influence proves to be a serious obstruction for victims of injustice, such as Arun, who wish to see justice served and perpetrators punished. Political clout gives these officials the power to use resources within their reach and manipulate the system in their favor.

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