Bomb threat at Tamil actor Ajith’s house in Chennai.

Bomb threat at Tamil actor Ajith’s house in Chennai.

A mentally ill young man sent a bomb threat at Tamil actor Ajith’s house in Chennai. On May 31, a threatening message was received in the police control room that a bomb had been planted at Ajith’s home. The police quickly arrived and did the necessary security checks.

Ajith’s office was shocked when he received a hoax message warning him of an impending bomb attack. The police and a bomb squad immediately went to his house and searched with a dog squad. The message was then confirmed to be fake.

Further investigation revealed that Dinesh, a man from Marakanam was behind the threatening message. According to the police source, he is mentally challenged and no harmful motive behind the call. Ajith has received several such fake bomb threats in the past.

There are also indications that the same person who made the bogus bomb threat calls to both Superstar Rajinikanth and Vijay in 2017 is now the one who made the identical threats to Ajith this year.

It is being reported that the police warned Dinesh’s relatives not to give him a mobile. Still, it seems that Dinesh found one on his own and has resumed his favorite hobby of sending bomb threats to well-known actors and actresses from the Tamil film industry.

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