Cloud-based digital platform for offshore engineering works.

Cloud-based digital platform for offshore engineering works.

FutureOn, a field activity planner introduced a cloud-based digital platform for offshore engineering works. The newly designed program helps to enable rapid visual workflow and the platform allows its users easily to integrate with backend systems. According to FutureOn media person, the well-designed program supports all offshore design software and backend systems.

Easy to use FAP solution saves lots of time in the digitalized work flow and it provides the ability to visualize and collaborate while developing subsea field layout. It’s useful for enhancing the team’s collaboration and efficiencies.

FutureOn’s field activity planner enables a digital working for the offshore engineering platform, its uses in the area of field design, field planning, or activity schedule. As workflows move to the cloud these valuable assets must move too along with and FutureOn’s field active planner is the only digital offshore engineering software solution offering a 100% cloud-based approach to asset management.

FutureOn’s field activity planner will help the user to visualize the work field. It will help the work team to see more about assets and information in a visually relevant context. Field active planner brings valuable assets to life as 3D visual twin representations within the entire field layout. Experience the ideas significantly faster, generating real data, leading to smarter decisions.

Move assets in 3D graphics and all connected assets will move in tandem. MetaData, costs, and timelines will recalculate instantly. Information is always up to date, relevant and accessible with FutureOn field activity planner.

Another advantage of the field activity planner is that your global team members can actively involve and add their input to the project on time. Communication errors, misunderstandings and language barriers are serious challenges. The field activity planner brings real-time visual collaboration to all aspects of your field design project. The creative force behind the project will be connected well to make the offshore project’s success. Real-Time Global Collaboration reduces accelerates timelines across your entire project life.

The key benefit of field activity planner is, enables a digital working environment for your organization and offers instant global collaboration. Allowing you to reduce cost in the 3D field layout design process for the whole value chain by quickly finding the best solution in the design phase and by shortening the total project lead time is just one of the benefits.

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Image credit: futureon