Djordje Novakovic, a fake forex trader.

Djordje Novakovic, a fake forex trader.

Some Indian media had recently published an article about Djordje Novakovic a Swiss-based young forex trader who made millions through forex trading is fake news. According to his claim, he owns multiple trading companies and it deals with millions in Forex trading.

He used an online marketing platform to get investors from world-wide, and his company offers high returns through forex trading. But most of the investors are loose money after entering into his trading platforms. After several complaints have been received from Indian investors, RBI issued a notice for the attention of the public regarding the fraud trading about Djordje Novakovic and his company called- Iconix Investment.

Success comes your way at a very young age, nothing is more amazing than that! it was the catchline about Djordje Novakovic in most of the media. But the story revealed the climax very fast as investors tragedy.

All agents office, who had worked for Djordje Novakovic, based on commission shutdown their office after the RBI issue a notice about his Forex scam.

Djordje, is a man with over 1,400 subscribers on his WhatsApp and telegram channels, claim him self is the leader of one of the internet’s biggest forex trading communities. He started, a Swiss-based small consulting firm called Iconix Investment, in the beginning, offering big returns.

The variations between keeping your company stuck in limbo or going to the next step can be sometimes challenging for genuine traders. Djordje’s obstacles as a trader were just like the common barriers a trader would usually face. He first time itself offered big returns for his investors but the challenging commitment was just a promise.  He failed in the problems with learning risk management were followed by difficulties and how to invest without risk in the trade.

Image credits: gatewayforex