Have you got good business ideas? Individual Billionaires Club ready to promote.

Have you got good business ideas? Individual Billionaires Club ready to promote.

Aries International Maritime Research Institute (AIMRI) has announced the inaugural Individual Billionaires Club Startup Awards in collaboration with the IBC.

The award will be presented at an online event on February 23, 2021. The IBC Startup Awards are announced to provide opportunities for better partnerships and investment opportunities at the international level for those who own innovative products, services and marketing ideas.

Entrepreneurs applying for this should have a business plan with a clear outline of their business idea’s income potential, employment opportunities, and social implications.


The IBC has decided to host the Startup Awards 2021 with a virtual award ceremony. There will also be panel discussions at the online event. It will also allow startup companies to pitch their business ideas to investors. AIMRI will consider eligible startups that have undergone ‘incubation.’

According to Dr. Sohan Roy, the founding president of the Individual Billionaires Club, the awards are also aimed at promoting indigenous products and innovative ideas that will benefit people worldwide in their lives in line with the declared policy of ‘Make in India’.

It is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for startups to introduce their brand to a global platform to increase its value and attract investment. Of course, there are investment opportunities available among the members of the Individual Billionaires Club for the best business ideas. “If you have an outstanding idea, product or service that is sure to create a stir in the global market, this is the best platform to introduce it,” he said.


Startup projects will be evaluated primarily at the Project Incubation Hub of the Aries International Maritime Research Institute. The Individual Billionaires Club is doing the final analysis of the projects. The last date for receipt of nominations is January 15, 2012. If you would like to nominate your organization for this, connect with IBC at the following web address.


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