How to do advertising for small business?

How to do advertising for small business?

Change is the only persistent that challenges the business world. We should learn to deal with it and how to convert into opportunities. Advertising was an area for only big brands and corporates entities, who can afford big media budgets. As advertising is an important aspect of brand building or a sales drive, for small-time business owners it was a dream doing a campaign to improve their business and take forwarding to the next level.

Now the scenario has been changed; if you are into a small scale business such as a lorry booking agency or a transportation service provider or a truck service provider, your business size doesn’t matter to do effective advertising to increase your sales leads.

In the new digital world, it’s very easy to do advertising for small scale businesses in a cost-effective way. Your small outlet can compete with multinational brands with the help of digital marketing. Google ads, Facebook and Instagram having a major role to take small scale business to its targeted potential customers. the plus of digital adverting is, you can start with a small budget and can increase the budget as your business grow.

Ramkumar, a carpenter from Borivali-Mumbai had troubled to get his daily wages job while he was working as a maintenance carpenter, according to him, it was a really tough time for him to survive. Two years back, one of his clients helped him in doing a digital adverting, he started with Rs.5000 and very soon he landed the growth track and now he has been operating from a 1200 sq.ft carpentry workshop and 30 people working for him. Ramkumar is not stopping here; he is planning to move to a bigger place and going to launch his own branded kitchen cabinet by the end of this year.

Most of the small-time business owners are on track to grow bigger. One who ignores the change and not exploring the opportunity will suffer very soon. In India approximately 83 million people using the internet every day. 70% of the are using more than one hour daily. Top international brands spend 65% of their media budget on digital marketing.

What is digital marketing? How it benefits small-time business?

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