Did you know why wearing Kanchipuram Silk Saree is traditionally important for an Indian Bride?

Did you know why wearing Kanchipuram Silk Saree is traditionally important for an Indian Bride?

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are an important part of South Indian Weddings and special occasions. It has become a traditional bridal dress code, because of its association with Lord Vishnu.

Based on Hindu Mythology, Kanchi Silk weavers are the descendants of Sage Markanda, the master weaver of Gods who was supposed to have woven with tissue from lotus fiber. The fiber-based silks were made to worship Lord Vishnu and are still believed by people that Kanchipuram Silks are the modern version of lotus fiber silks.

Kanchipuram Silk is a special quality of silk saree made with fine-line silk thread at Kanchipuram, a village in Tamil Nadu. The specialized sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk thread. Handmade designs and heavy borders with Gold and Silver are the beauty of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees.

The original, genuine Kanchipuram sarees are woven with three silk threads in a weave. Some creative designs take months for silk work artist to finish and weave a complete Saree. The traditional style of teamwork delivers a creative silk art after a dedicated time frame. As of 2018, in 29 silk yarn units, an estimated 7,000 families were involved in making Kanchipuram sarees production in the region.

Kanchipuram original silk saree is a tradition among the South Indian brides & commonly worn during special occasion and it is considered a prestige to wear Kanchipuram Silk Saree by the women in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh making the occasion auspicious.

The Kanchipuram trend is moving towards Central and North India. Mumbai women have also accepted the shine of silks for their special occasion and have become popular these days. The shining lustrous borders and pallu, the soft quality finish of the Sarees have made these silk sarees a fashion trend among women across the world. Approximately prices start from around Rs.6,500 for a sari with a simple border to elaborate designs in saris, can cost up to Rs. 2,00,000/-. The Fashion Industry has adopted Silk fabric for its versatility and style and Indian Silks are in great demand. Fashion Designers and Haute’ Couture create exclusive designs to showcase them in Fashion Shows world over.

As the demand increases, getting quality unique Kanchipuram Silk sarees are really challenging. Only experts can identify the real silk thread and sometimes the Kanchipuram Silk sarees shopping can end up with a wrong shopping experience! Going all the way to Kanchipuram village to buy a silk saree is not a feasible idea. The ideal option is only to buy it from a trusted textile showroom who sell these sarees under the guaranteed Silk Mark. (Silk Mark is a certification mark in India for silk textiles).

Here are some of the trusted unique Kanchepuram Silk saree sellers.

Nalli Silks

Nalli has been synonymous with silk and Kanchipuram sarees. With 90 years of considerable brand equity, international presence and sari-stores across India, Nalli is poised to scale even greater heights. An iconic heritage brand steeped in tradition, Nalli upholds the core values of Trust and Quality, converting generations of new sari-owners into loyal Nalli patrons. Nalli Silks is an ideal place to buy original Kanchepuram Silk sarees.
They have specialized traditional designers to make Kanchepuram sarees and the wide range of sarees collection give you an ideal choice based on your budget.

No:9 Nageswaran Road, T.Nagar, Chennai. Call: 44-24344115 www.nalli.com

Chennai Silks
The largest textile kingdom in Tamilnadu is another good option to get Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. It has always been known to extend an exclusive and exquisite collection that keeps pace with the discerning customer’s taste. TCS has huge collections of Kanchepuram Silk saree for every season and every occasion. Testifying to authentic products of TCS, are the silk mark and handloom mark. In compliance with International quality management systems, Chennai Silks keep a guideline to keep the Quality.

55, Usman Road, T Nagar Chennai, Tamilnadu. Phone: 442 431 0888 www.thechennaisilks.com

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