Levidge the future of cryptocurrency traders.

Levidge the future of cryptocurrency traders.

An institutional-grade derivatives exchange named Levidge has finalized its product’s redesign. This effort is part of the brand’s preparation for its first-quarter launch in 2020. Among the features of the newly developed training interface are resizable modules, light-dark themes, as well as fully-customized drag and drop options. Also, the interface supports eight languages and two charting tools, including Trading View Charts.

With Levidge, users can trade futures contracts on every asset class. This is possible through a mix of various cryptocurrencies being used as collateral. Also, once the platform begins to operate, users can obtain close to 50x leverage. Eventually, they will allow for more than 100x leverage. According to the company, the exchange is capable of processing over 100,000 orders within a second.

Levidge users can develop their personal “pop-up hedge fund” on the platform to market themselves. This also enables users to earn when their funds perform. Regardless of your experience, every user can invest in funds, follow other traders, and engage in trading passively. With the structured saving strategy employed by Levidge, your savings can earn dividends or interest in crypto. More so, the structured saving strategy helps provide more income opportunities.

Considering the high-end performance architecture of the platform that handles a million messages per second, you don’t have to worry about orders getting lost. The cold wallet and lightning features help reduce the risk of exit scam or hack. If you are concerned about extreme volatility as a passive investor, then consider the pooled funds or investing in the market maker, a new feature that allows you to bet on the house. Additionally, the leveraged collateral helps provide ways for offshore crypto to gain exposure to sectors ETFs, high market cap stocks, REITs, and commodities.

The new design was masterminded by Justin Been, the Chief Branding Officer of Levidge. Breen is a renowned and experienced leader who has done consulting work for several launches by major Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Aramark, Coca Cola, AMC Theaters, and Wendys.

During the Q1 launch of 2020, the company plans to add precious metals and energy commodities to their portfolio. Among other approaches that Levidge intends to iterate in the year 2020 include setting up a structured savings product for income investors and running a lightning integration. The company will also be providing a streamlined market marker on-boarding for several crypto and non-crypto pairs.


Image credits: lifeofpix