Top 5 exclusive abaya wholesale supplier’s in India.

Top 5 exclusive abaya wholesale supplier’s in India.

Coimbatore is heaven for most of the textile business owners for getting clothes for a cheap rate.  Here we made a top 10 exclusive abaya wholesale supplier’s list that will help the textile owners from all over India to get the best deal in Abaya wholesale business. Most of the time abays retailers are end-up in the wrong place with the wrong deal. To get best quality abaya wholesale should have contacts of reliable suppliers.

How to check the quality of abaya while buying it wholesale?    

While you approaching an exclusive abaya wholesale supplier, they will show you some news pattern designs and will tell you that this is the new trend in abaya designs and its fast-moving product all over the world. Don’t just buy blindly; check the quality of the abaya materials and the finishes in the stitch.  The exclusive abaya wholesale supplier must show 100 of designs and try to make you confuse with it, get prepare about the abaya design and style before going for the shopping.

Understand the difference between casual abaya and the formal one. Formal abayas look more quality in the cloth and will have trends designs on it. Be a good negotiator with the exclusive abaya wholesale supplier’s, you get special price for your bulk purchase for retail sales. Make sure the wholesale purchase of abaya for the festive season should do it a month before. In the season time, wholesale purchase is not an advisable business deal.    

Madina Burkas

Madina Burkas is one of the leading exclusive abaya wholesale supplier’s, located in BK Chetty Street. Having all latest updated designs and trends in abayas. This wholesale abaya shop is one of the best places for retail abaya traders for bulk buying. They have a choice for their wholesale buyers in price and quality.

Location: 219, BK Chetty Street, Town Hall (Opposite Manokaran Clinic), Coimbatore – 641001, Phone:   422 2395353.

Moon Textiles – Exclusive abaya showroom.

Moon is another exclusive abaya wholesale supplier in Coimbatore. All type of abayas is available for wholesale purchase. Good quality, medium and base quality products are available here.  For regular customers, they give special price in wholesale supply. They always update the new design trend in every abaya products.  

Location: 3, Saramedu Road, Karumbukadai (Opposite Rasathi Burka), Coimbatore – 641008. Phone: 81444 77288.

Fashion House.

Abaya fashion house is an exclusive abaya wholesale supplier in getting new design trends in abaya fashion segments. Quality cooperates abaya is the specialty of fashion house abaya supplier. They have a wide collection for formal wear abaya’s. Walk through in to watch the exclusive collections.

Location: Shop No 15, Near City Height Tower, Khadak, I M Merchant (Near Minara Masjid), Masjid Bunder, Mumbai – 400003. Phone: 9152858571.

Reza Burqa Collection

Reza is a Mumbai based exclusive abaya wholesale supplier having a wide verity of quality designs. They have a huge wedding collection in the designer abayas. The superior quality product makes them standout in the abaya wholesale market.

Location: hop No 2, Habib Building, Charnal, Pala Galli, Hazrat Abbas Street (Opposite Snow White Laundry), Dongri, Near Delhi Darbar Resturant, Mumbai – 400009. Phone: 9920147886.

Alif Textile

Alif is Exclusive abaya wholesale supplier for a quality product. The Surat-based abaya manufacturer is one for the leader in the wholesale designer abaya. Alif abaya is one of the best choices for a quality product at a better price tag.

Location: Shop No 3 Machiswala Market, Chowk Bazar, Surat – 395003. Phone: 9152858834.

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