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Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan says Governor should not be held to an ideological slant in his professional work.

Kerala’s political scene can be a difficult one to navigate, and it is often difficult to know what you can and cannot do. But sometimes, you just have to know where the boundary lies—crossing that limit can cause more harm than good in the long run. This article explores how Chief Minister Vijayan thinks Governor Arif Mohammad Khan should be held to his professional work and what that means for all of us.

What does the Chief Minister say about Governor Arif Mohammad Khan?

He has said that Governor Arif Khan should not be held to an ideological slant in his professional work. He made this statement while interacting at a party function. The Chief Minister said that ideological differences shouldn’t be given too much weight and that they should be worked out through consultation.


How does Pinarayi Vijayan respond to people who oppose the governor’s decision?

Governor Khan’s press conferences and statements against the LDF government have sparked a lot of controversy in recent days. Many people believe that the Governor should be holding the Chief Minister to an ideological slant in his professional work, while others argue that the Governor should be impartial.

The CM himself has responded to these criticisms. He says that he and the governor disagree on certain issues, but he wants to avoid the controversy that has been raised. According to him, the governor is an anti-communist and is acting like an RSS agent in the state.


Why was the decision made to have an RSS ideology follower as a governor in Kerala?

In a move that has raised eyebrows, the central government has appointed Arif Mohammad Khan as the governor of the Kerala state. He was able to cope with the state in the initial stage, but that didn’t work well for long. In many cases, such as pensions for ministers’ personal staff and changes to the lokayukta bill, the governor had been against the government’s stand on bills. The desirability of Khan has provoked mixed reactions in Kerala. When the public stood by the governor’s decision, the government and LDF leaders turned against him.

Some say that his affiliation with the RSS means that he will be biassed in his role as governor, while others argue that he is an experienced administrator with a deep knowledge of democracy and will be able to carry out his duties effectively. However, many believe that his appointment was made with an ideological slant, given his affiliation to the RSS. Critics argue that Khan’s ties to the RSS will mean that he will not be objective when it comes to making decisions affecting the state’s political decisions.

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