BJP widens protests in Walayar Case.

BJP widens protests in Walayar Case.

As people, fury carries on to grow in Kerala within the release of 3 men accused of murdering and raping two minor at Walayar. BJP widens protests at Walayar case and finally, Pinarayi Vijayan consented for a re-investigation. The two girls, who were sisters, were hanging after being sexually assaulted in January and March 2017 at Attappalam at Walayar, near Kerala border with Tamil Nadu. The victims were aged 9 and 11. Three of the four individuals accused in the Walayar cases were submitted on October 25 by a court, the 4th accused had been acquitted last month.

After the acquittal, critique of the police investigation erupted amid allegations the ruling CPIM had tried to stall the investigation. The CPIM was blamed for attempting to save the probe in the mysterious death of two sisters at their house in Walayar at Kerala’s Palakkad district.

BJP widens protests in Walayar case

#Walayar_case BJP widens protests in Walayar case.

Posted by The CBC News – India on Thursday, 31 October 2019

The mother of the sister’s alleged individuals associated with the left side appeared to get the suspects off the hook. On Friday, a particular Posco court, dealing with offenses against kids had acquitted the 3 accused in the case, while observing that the prosecution had failed to prove the crime. Laborers at the party with the sickle emblem released the suspect from the police station during the night, the victim’s mother stated.

Communist parties globally Use a hammer and a sickle as a party emblem. In Kerala, the CPIM has a sickle as one of the elements in its various symbols. The kids, who were found dead at the same area of the home within two months in 2017, they have been abused. The elder daughter was found dead on January 13, 2017.50 two days after her death, her younger sister also was found dead. The parents of the victims had watched their elder kid being sexually abused by one of the accused. The sufferer’s mother said she’d no confidence in the Kerala police, who hadn’t acted despite collecting evidence.

The mother also commented that’s if the police had resisted pressure and took action in the initial case, then at least the life of the little woman might have been saved. Yuva Morcha State Secretary, Sandeep Warrier, has brought out incriminating evidence that shows that the young sister was a witness to the murder of her elder sister. Sandeep Warrier brought a copy of the report on the police officer who first investigated the suicide. On the day the first death was reported, the girl had told the police that she’d seen one of the accused harassing her daughter. The police then placed him in custody and he was taken to the Walayar police station at 7 pm. It had been previously alleged a leader of DYFI, the youth wing of the CPIM, had supposedly telephoned to a police station, seeking his release.

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