Kayamkulam drug mafia spreading their wings at campus!

Kayamkulam drug mafia spreading their wings at campus!

It’s been seen throughout the contemporary world history which places where authorities and administrations didn’t invest in human growth, law and order had finally fallen to the control of narcotics and criminals. In less developed city’s, it’s been seen that the government and police departments only focus on the dominant cities to the administrative and development centers while the populated cities are continuously failed in the preparation of human life improvement and to ensuring a peaceful life to the citizens.

As part of our special feature (Beginning to an end) about drug mafia and their influence in the collages at villages and small towns in India we have understood the drug mafias are having strong roots at the college campus. We traveled most of the town in Kerala, and we found more small scale narcotic business focused at a small town called Kayamkulam.

Yes, its place called Onnamkutty, east side of Kayamkulam, its hub for the killing smoke “ganja” locally its know as “ganja” its other form of marijuana. But the trade is not happening at this place, Onnamkutty is the place to store its safely, as the railway station is close to this small town, it’s easy to shift the drugs to their storage space.


Mr. Nair, a local resident from Onnamkutty spoke to news plus, the place had changed lots from the last 3 years, its look like unsafe to go out after 7 pm, the killing smoke traders start their business, deals will be taken place at an empty place or at pocket roads. Mr. Nair added they had complained to police about an empty house nearby, strangers always seen at the premises, but police never come there to do any inquiry yet.

In the majority of the small town are often developed or powerful politicians divert the stream of the village to their preferred region to acquire the vote bank. The folks in tiny cities finally face the problems of offenders, drug mafias, conceal obligations of convicted felons and out of control law and order scenario against the mafias. The trading trend of the ganja traders to set a student from the collages to their retailer on the campus. An attractive financial offer brings enough student traders to the drug traders and they do their business very safely. It’s not only the story of Onnamkutty if you go ahead to the Punalur from Kayamkulam, but every small village also has drug trader’s links.

Two years before Kayamkulam police did an attempt to arrest a liquor and drug mafia at Rantamkutty and the criminal group did a massive attack on Kayamkulam police and three police officers were seriously injured with weapons and admitted Kayamkulam government hospital for long period of time. After the drug mafia attack on police, the Kayamkulam police made a special team act against the drug mafia and the police act reduced the presence of them for some time. But after effects not stayed for long, in six months’ time, the drug traders shifted the target area to collage students and reactivated their trading systems.


The situation could be well imagined through reality, people who race up the voice against the drug trade that focused locally are assaulted by criminal gangs and individuals connected with drug traders in Kayamkulam.

The Kayamkulam drug gang is spreading their roots to the other locations of the city, immediate action from the police and government authorise can prevent the spread of the dark smokers.

Since the state drug gang’s ramble here the natives are under constant fear send there in town with weapons in their hands and until today, the authorities’ personals have done nothing much plausible to restrain this climbing venom of dacoits and challenging cores. The authorities relied on little targeted surgeries but they needed to confront massive resistance.

Prevent to pass or see those regions to avert any dangerous situation. The drug mafia groups are gripping the regional lands, snatching the precious from the regional individuals and abducting people for cash. Place likes Randamkutty and Onnamkutty happen to be gone entirely from the hands of criminal and drug gangs.

The Kayamkulam narcotics gangs are assaulting individuals and at a hospital, the victims could be viewed fighting their wounds. The gangs are assaulting the homes of local individuals and at a similar episode, they assaulted and harassed the aged parents of an area indigenous. The authorities still did triumph to detain even one member of a recognized group. To put a two years old good example at Onnamkutty, they place the home of a girl to fire when she awakens.

But, people stood and recognized their own actions council contrary to the gangs however civilians with vacant hands can struggle with gangs with complex weapons without the fear of safety agencies.

The drug traders’ operation has been ceased by the anti-mobile in the field there and added salt to the harms of these folks. Rather they needed to make a strategy to eliminate this menace in town but they discovered it reliable to create their life simpler and packaged their company there. This activity of anti-narcotics gave greater encouragement to the drug mafia and they’re more actively conducting their Smokey business.

Collective safety strategy from the drug mafia for the college campus is the requirement of the day. The state and the Kayamkulam city should explore the problem with the government authorities and should the authorities by itself cannot fix the matter or there’s a threat of repulsive actions by mafias and gangs, a special team could be reached to cut the roots.

Performance and normalization of law and order.

At step one, a listing of convicted and skeptic offenders from drug and quotation gangs have to be made and found to greater police authorities for critical action. Because it’s anticipated that in the event of any surgery, they can flee strategies to other locality so the alliance and premature alertness would be helpful. Harippadu is another town, the drug mafias are expanding their wings to kill the next generation.

The anti-narcotics mobile ought to be established at the first chance to clean the region in the ganja business/mafias. This isn’t merely the dilemma of Kayamkulam, ganja trade into other places boost its use among students and the social order could be disturbed.

Intelligence-led surgery can be useful as the accounts of weapons in a procession of drug mafias and Kanjavu gangs at Kayamkulam are a threat to individual lives.

The state administration function is crucial here since the absence of growth particularly human evolution frequently leads to this type of scenario. All things are apparent today, the areas, the ganja gangs, and their company – therefore some delay in the activity will cause more attacks on civilians, more snatching of weeds and much more loss of individuals’ money in abductions.

Kayamkulam has given a number of the greatest head to India. From point to company, we’ve observed the cases set by Kayamkulam natives that left no stone unturned to inform the title of their motherland. So! Do not create this fertile soil a heart of drug mafias and quotation gangs.

The people shouldn’t squander their time and must chase their preferred members to increase the matter in national and state assemblies.

Student among 6 held for peddling ganja at Kayamkulam.

The Kayamkulam police narcotic wing was arrested six individuals for holding ganja for sales purposes from Kayamkulam. According to Sub Inspector, Mr. Ali Akbar, narcotic wing, the arrests were made on Wednesday at Ajanta Junction close to Kayamkulam town.

They have been identified as Amal Kunnel, Shalu Thulikanayyathu, Vishnu Vattakkavilam, Ajmal Kappil, Salman Mannassery, and a Plus-Two student. The accused all are living nearby Kayamkulam town, and police enquiring about the criminal background of the accused.

The ganja hunting operation was completed after a tip-off. The police, at the guise of consumers, requested the accused. The authorities in mufti took them if they came on two bikes. During the last one week, at least eight individuals, including students, were arrested by the particular squad of the anti-narcotic cell from Kayamkulam area.

Police stated that the main goal of the pedlars were college students in Harippad, Mavelikara, Kayamkulam and Pullukulangrara areas.