Mumbai based sex racket extorted more than 175 crores through the honey trap.

Mumbai is a hub for the racket that has to offer personal cam service and put their customers in a trap to loot their money. A recent study had done by the CBC news found shocking news that the illegal gang extorted more than Rs.175 crores from their trapped customers in just 4 years of time span. Most of the victims are not filed abduction and looting complaints to the police and it’s the main reason to spread the notorious gang wing all over India.

Locanto, a classified website has the platform they use to attract the customers into their trap. The racket does advertising on the website offering video calling service that gives sexual pleasure. The once who purchased their service will be in trouble after they recording the video and threatening and blackmailing for money. Most of the victims are business people from all over India.

People who have been living in the Middle East also had trapped by the racket and lost huge money. Some victims have informed the CBC news about the notorious gang and we hand found that more than 200 people are involved in the group and roots are spread all over India and ME.


The notorious gang using various bank accounts in multiple states to collect the extortion money some of them are in the name of Sahira Ansari ( Fedaral Bank- Ac No:17xxxxxxxxx47), Nilisha (ICICI Bank No: 72xxxxxxxxx69), V.Sujatha (ICICI Bank-Ac No: 03xxxxxxxxxx7), Anita chandani ( ICICI Bank- 67xxxxxxxx32) Vidiya Kumari ( Kotak Bank- No: 04xxxxxxx62) Nayana (Canara Bank – 06xxxxxxxxx80) are some of them.

Based on our enquire we found that the racket used to lure officers and politicians to establish a physical relationship with them.


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