Police withdrawing from the search for two Florida teen murder suspects.

Florida police say they are going to withdraw the search for two teenagers suspected of killing two people and Florida policed launched a manhunt using helicopters and drones; that has lasted seven days and stretched across all provinces in the Florida State.

According to Florida police, the team has decided they no longer needed helicopter. At one point a helicopter and drones were used in the search for the suspects.

“We decided to be focused with location tracer and determine where we should go from here,” A police officer said to the CBC news.

Twenty-year-old Harry George and nineteen-year-old Riyaz Mohammed have been charged with for murder in the death of Susan Laard, an insurance advisor and James Cubar both bodies were found last week in Fernandina, Florida.

They are also suspects in the other two murder had happened in March at Fernandina. The suspects both ware had in the police criminal list. The investigation will continue until the suspects get arrested. Added Florida police.