Shocking sexual terror in Pollachi.

Shocking sexual terror in Pollachi.

On sexual assault case assault and blackmail must be chased fast and the guilty should hunt in front of the law. 270 young women and college girls had trapped in the sexual terror mafia group. The assault list includes professional’s works incorporate as well. It’s one of the biggest sexual crimes ever seen in India. The sexual terror mafia group used Facebook to get connect with young women and college girls. Their fake Facebook profile claims they work as doctor, engineer and into a business too. 

The province government’s quick call to transfer the ‘Pollachi sexual abuse case’ to the CBI provides the important and priority, the agency must very fast unravel the sexual assault and terror racket that has victimized a large number of young girls and college students. The criminal mafia group has a strong political connection and it helped them to operate crime so long without getting caught. 

The terror case had its origins in an exceedingly police complaint of sexual assault and blackmail to theft in a town called Pollachi in Coimbatore district. Whereas the arrest of the suspect was made at the end of Feb, the mafia assault case created a storm everywhere Tamil Nadu, early this week once a leaked video found on the internet and social messaging platforms.

Sabarirajan, Sathish, and Vasanthkumar are the main accused in the Pollachi sexual assault crime list.

Sourced from the mobile phones of these sexual terrors who were arrested, it had a college girl piteously pleading along with her abusers to leave her alone. however, you can see the suspect asking her money for not to adding it on the internet.

In fact, what has been uncovered to date may be the mere tip of the iceberg, as an initial investigation has indicated that the size of the sexual mafia operations of the four young criminals in Pollachi may be much larger than is clear now. The investigation team was expecting a large criminal team behind this crime and hope the CBI can lead to them.

Among the accused was a member of the AIADMK (who has since been off from the party’s membership once the crime report came to light), and Opposition parties leaders allege that the case involves those much higher within the State’s ruling party leadership.

The public fury that ensued had the govt. initial ordering that the case is transferred to the Crime Branch-CID, and then to the CBI.

Given the situation, with the Lok Sabha election and important Assembly by-elections around the corner, the political glow on the case is probably going to be affected. however, it’s very important that as the investigation takings to nail the guilty and establish the size of the sexual abuse and blackmail crimes, the young girls and college women identity and their privacy be strictly protected. The police team should make sure; no more videos should leak from the accused mobiles.

The State Women’s Commission had secure that it’ll conduct a special investigation into this case, providing commission’s telephone numbers that victims and informers can call to lodge complaints with complete confidentiality.

The Commission has expressed serious concern over the safety of young women and college going girls in Tamil Nadu. In a letter to the State DGP, its chairperson has asked that appropriate action be taken immediately and sought an action taken the report very fast.

For its part, the ruling government cannot wash its hands of the matter with the transfer of the case to the CBI. It should permit and assist in a free and truthful probe into the sexual terror act to bring justice to the victims and to ensure their dignity; safety and anonymity are well maintained.

In this election season in TN, the ruling and Opposition parties must summon their political morality by articulating the gravity of the crime and refraining from attempting to create political capital out of this flagitious crime. Sexual assault and blackmail are terror crimes, the guilty should be brought to law and order. And therefore the young women and their families should be assured of justice and confidentiality.

A summary of Pollachi crime.

Prima Facie (name changed), a college student had meeting up her online friend (Facebook friend ) Sabarirajan and he wants to discuss with her something and asking her to get in his car.  Riswandh another guy was in the car and later two more joinings in the team both are Sathish and Vasanthkumar.

They took her into a private place and assaulted her there, and the criminal team took the crime video and asked her the gold chain for not to upload the video on the net.  Later the accused team called her and blackmailed her for more money.

End of she revealed the terror story to their family and its end up in the police station. After the first section of questioning and the videos from the accused mobile shows a shocking crime list the criminal group had done. After the investigation team had found that more than 200 young women’s are victims of the crime the issue had become more serious.    

Photo credits: The News Minute