The police, who had attacked by SFI are forcefully discharged from hospital.

The police, who had attacked by SFI are forcefully discharged from hospital.

According to the cantonment Sr. Police officer’s instruction, the injured police officers by the SFI workers attack are forcefully discharged on Wednesday night.   

Sarath, a police officer who had badly injured in the SFI attack, admitted again during the hard neck pain and body pain. He has serious injurious and it will take some to get a cure.  

CPM district heads are started putting pressure on the police to save SFI workers; as part of the party leader’s interference, cantonment Sr. police officer had asked all three injured police officers to get discharge from hospital.  

The case has been registered against the SFI workers are not in major sections. Interfering to stop police official duty at a public place is the only section is added.

Deputy Commissioner R. Adithya had ordered to identify the criminals with the help of CCTV inspection, but a policeman had tried to erase the CCTV visuals to save the SFI workers. Some sincere police officers had interfered in it and the CCTV visuals had replaced in the system.

Two arrested.

After the CCTV footage has come out, two arrests have been made until today.  Both are the SFI workers at University College, Thiruvananthapuram. Police had pressure on them from the party local leaders to hide the identity of both. Vinaya Chandran and Sarath are the police officers from SAP camp and Amal Krishna from traffic departments are had injured from the SFI workers attack Wednesday evening at Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram.  

Photo credits: Express Kerala and  Youtube