Venugopal never had given his declarant’s statement.

Venugopal never had given his declarant’s statement.

His brother Manikandan had made it clear that Venugopal Nair was not given any kind of declarant’s statement to police before his death.

The Ayyappa devotee Venugopal had suicide in front of the secretariat to show his hard feeling about the Sabarimala issues.  The state government had made the holy hill as police camp and the High Court interference made the Sannidanam as a peaceful pilgrim center.

At the beginning of this pilgrim season, Sabarimala was heavily filled with police; they all had wearing shoes at Sannidanam. The devotees had not allowed sitting there and police made a forceful clear-off. They had put water not to sit any devotees in that area.

This is the only place that section 144 is implemented in pilgrim’s season.

Lacks of women devote are come out from the home to show their dislike about the government action on Sabarimala. All constitutional right has been braked the government to implement its political agenda.

Millions of devotees are protested peacefully in the road for their right to pray and protect and take care of believe and traditions. Two devotees had done suicide, still, the government hasn’t considered to something on Sabarimala.

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