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Did Dhoni retired?

Most searched keyword in Google, this week was about Dhoni’s retirement news. After India loses the cricket match against New Zealand in the world cup, everyone, what to know that has Dhoni retired from Indian cricket or not? In the last two days, it’s crossed one million searches about Dhoni’s retirement.

“Dhoni retired” is a hot topic in the social media groups as well. The slow batting rate against New Zealand had made a bad image for Dhoni. His fans had supported him in all the way and made a big campaign on social media to rebuild his image.

A cricket expert had made a statement about Dhoni’s batting position and about the slow batting rate.


Dhoni’s office declared an open statement for everyone who searching for “Dhoni retired” in google and it’s stated very clearly that, there is no plan for retire right now from cricket.

Image credits: Cricket Addictor


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