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Director Priyanandan attacked with cow dung following the controversy FB post on Sabarimala Ayyappa.

Malayalam film director Priyanandan was attacked with cow dung on Friday after publishing a controversial post that hurt the devotee’s sentiments on Sabarimala Ayyappa on Facebook.

The attacker poured water mixed with cow dung on Priyanandan, near his house in Vallachira, Thrissur, on Friday morning. The director Priyanandan has later admitted to the Cherpu Community Health center.

Alleging that right-wing workers, including BJP and RSS, perpetrated the attack, the director has stated that he can identify the person and file a complaint soon. Fourteen complaints have registered against Director Priyanandan for insulting Sabarimala Ayyappan through a Facebook post, but police have not yet started any action.


“He has not yet given a complaint. But the complaint will be registered here and action will be taken immediately. As of now, he is still recovering from the attack,” an officer from the Cherpu police station in Thrissur said to media. But legal experts say if he goes ahead with a police complaint, it will fire back on Priyanandan at court because his FB post is in insulting language.

Three weeks ago, Priyanandan had written a post on the Sabarimala god Ayyappa on his Facebook page. The position that used abusive words and references drew a lot of flak from several quarters, and he removed it on the same day. But he said, still stand with the post and challenged the criticism.

Reacting to the incident, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the attack against Priyanandan was condemnable. He also alleged that the director was faced with cyber threats and warnings from right-wing groups a few weeks ago, following his controversial post. Stating that such attacks are an infringement on Facebook’s creative freedom, the CM said that such incidents would not be tolerated in any way.


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