How to check revaluation result in Kerala University?

How to check revaluation result in Kerala University?

It’s a very important question for all students who are waiting for the revaluation result. Now day’s revaluation is a very common thing for students to get a better result.  The hard thing is finding out the revaluation result on the Kerala University website. Most of the students spend money and time to search on the University website and finally they end up the search without finding the result.

Here we find the right link on the University website that will help students to find their revaluation result. Click the below mentioned link to get revaluation result.   

Revaluation result in Kerala University

The link will take you to the Kerala University website and the landing page will ask you some information to get the revaluation result.

First thing you need to select the “Course Category” that will provide all the course provided by Kerala University. Below that you have select “Course” (the subject that you study).

The next area is for the “Candidate Code” once you add it; you can log in with your own password.

While login doesn’t forget to add the CAPTCHA text near the box to get the login to the University revaluation result page.

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