What happened to Kris Allen ?

Kris is known for beating Adam Lambert in a reality show and his outstanding victory in American Idol against Adam is unforgettable event for every one of us. In the show both was showcased their talents at their level best and finally Kris Allen score the stardom. His videos shared millions of people on social media and it was the beginning for a new star.

Kris Allen had made a branch mark and turned in to a frontrunner. American Idol – eighth season, was special experiments for the audience and Allen’s talent growth continued to become a millions of shares in social media. The reality show judges have appreciated his rock renditions style and his show-stopping performance improved the show-rating as well.

Allen’s one of the noticed performance was, Kanye West-Heartless, he gained massive followers after this show. This stunning performance helped him to step forward. Millions of fans based increased during the show. Kris Allen made headlines on most of the international medias. The finale had like a festival for the viewers.


After the success of reality show he produced a musical album called “Kris Allen”. According to a US based music magazine, the album couldn’t make much impact in the initial stage but later it picked up well. His brand promoter was expecting 15 million USD from the music sales but it hasn’t reached the half of the expectations in terms of money.

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