A Throwback Picture From Online Star Shanaya Abigail.

A Throwback Picture From Online Star Shanaya Abigail.

Actress Shanaya Abigail recently published a throwback picture about her first modeling days and you will be surprised at Shanaya’s transformation.

With outstanding characters and enchanting online presence, Shanaya Abigail has become one of the online users’ favorite heroines. The model and actress Abigail made her debut in the movie industry with her performance as a home nurse in the online movie Abigail nurse.

Abigail accumulated critical cheering for her role in “Abigail nurse” as a troubling home nurse and a trainee air hostess in the flying women movie. The thriller film was directed by Paul Rosario in association with Abigail production house. Co-starring was Login d’cruz in the lead role tell the story in depth. Adventure junky Sameera appeared as a recruiting consultant in a gust role.

Shanaya Abigail newly posted her first modeling photos on her social media page and her followers are wondering over her transformation through the time.

It is hard to believe that the super online model Shanaya Abigail wearing that traditional saree grew up to be one of the online industry’s favorite heroines.

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