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Former TMC leader Partha Chatterjee had Rs 48 crore worth of assets frozen by the ED.

The grand sum of the confiscated funds is now Rs 103 crore.

The Directorate has been investigating the West Bengal Teachers’ recruitment scam for money laundering purposes and this is the first confiscation of assets in this investigation.

Immovable assets total Rs 47.93 crore, including land in Kolkata and apartment deposits located in 35 different banks. A sum of Rs.103 core has been attached/seized. The agency said that Chatterjee had some of his assets registered to frontmen and shell businesses.


Law enforcement officials raided the homes and offices of two individuals to investigate an issue with hidden funds. They found over Rs 49.80 crore in cash and more than Rs 5.08 crore in jewelry and other items in addition to Rs. 1,3,700 they had seized earlier.

According to Partha Chatterjee, Senior Trinamool Congress Leadership have been implicated in the School Service Commission (SSC) scandal.

In an interview, respondent admitted to taking bribes and hiring unqualified people to work in the public school system. Other TMC members were aware of these actions. However, another defendant, Arpita Mukherjee, was kept 5 minutes away at Alipur Women’s Central Correctional Home.


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