Handle the summer with care.

Handle the summer with care.

When summer is getting hard it will create multiple health-related issues too. Basic knowledge and some self-care can prevent it from getting any sick.

The amount of temperature in the summer is increasing massively every year. According to a new report, this year it will be the highest. Global warming is the main cause of the hot season at Kerala as well as the world. E-waste is one in the warming reason list. As all, we know destroying nature with the misuse of fuel and the factory chemical wastage are also another reason for the warming.

Last year, 9 people had died and 180 people did treatment due to the sunburn in Kerala. Mostly it’s get affected the people who work in the open space such as paddy field, road work, construction work, etc…


Let’s look at some possible ways to prevent health issues during this summer.

Control the summer

Drink more water. The most important thing is to stay wet in the hot season to avoid getting sick. Due to the sweating, the body may lose an excessive amount of water and it can cause you dehydration. To avoid such situations always drink enough water and stay away from dryness.


Use an umbrella while traveling out; a small shade can save till some extend from sunburn.

Carry a bottle of boiled water while going out. It can help to avoid drinking unhealthy water from an unsafe place.

School going kids should avoid eating roadside foods with friends. Summer is the season hepatitis, H1, and N1; to prevent its best option is drinking boiled water and be in the hygiene place too.

Avoid setting fire on dry leaves and waste papers while cleaning the outdoor areas. The wind can take the fire to places and it can be set a massive fire broke out to a large area.

Don’t go shopping while your car parked in a hot place with kids inside it. As the outside temperature increase, the kids may feel hotter inside the car and they get suffocation and illness.

Put eco-wastage in the vegetable garden to keep the plants wet.

Summer and school kids

The responsible school officials should able to finish the morning section assembly as fast as possible to avoid kids falling down after they are getting dehydrated. Also, kids should drink enough water before going to open ground for any kind of physical activity.

If any kid has nausea while he is in the school ground, shift him into a place where he can get enough fresh air and remove the shoes and tie. The school nurse can take care of him with first aid treatment.

Lemon juice with salt is an ideal option for kids to drink frequently to fight with this summer.

Usages of air condition in the summer.

While you put the AC on, make sure all windows and doors are closed.

Do a proper AC servicing before the hot summer starts. Instead of put the AC on for all night set a time limit for to cool the room temperature and let it cut off automatically.

Doing a fall sealing on the roof is an ideal option to reduce the room area to cool and it can save a good amount of electricity.

Protect your eye

Wear a pair of a sunglass to prevent hitting the direct sunlight with hot. A good sunglass can prevent the ultraviolet lights from hitting on the retina.

After an exercise or hard work has a bath only after some time. An immediate bath after the workout is negative effects on the eyes.

If eyes getting irritated in the summer hot, keep a small piece of wet cotton cloth on top of eyes and it can get a cool feeling.

You may get red-eye in the summer season, in that case, keep washing your eyes with cold water and not to use a sharing towel or soap to have a bath. Do not touch on your eyes with a dirty hand for the safety and consult a doctor for medication.

Food for the summer season

The food that has more water in it is ideal for the summer season. Watermelon is an ideal fruit for the hot season. Reduce non-veg foods like chicken, mutton and red meats in the summer season. Adding more vegetables and salads in the dish will be a better idea. Lemon, orange, sweet lemon, watermelon, cucumber all can be add more in the summer dish.

Instead of having fruit juice from shops better make it at home. It will help to avoid getting any diseases through unhygienic water.

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