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How Biaheza started his entrepreneurship journey into dropshipping.

Biaheza, a successful entrepreneur, began his eCommerce journey in the sixth grade. It was the time he got to upload his first video on YouTube. Also, while in middle school, he did graphic design on Fiverr. At the age of 11 years old, Biaheza downloaded his first Instagram app. At first, he intended to upload cool pictures and show off his photography skills. However, after a few years, Biaheza realised that Instagram is not just a photo editing app. This social media platform is good for generating business leads.

Back then, he quickly noticed some impressive pages with high followings, which spurred him into starting something similar. Even though Biaheza was motivated, he had no clue that the page owners were generating money. Before long, a personal page focusing on the photography niche was created by him. Initially, the pages accrued no following, but he remained resolute about the whole thing. With hustling spirit, middle school fees, and the background, Biaheza had to source for money, but he was too young. Along the line, he got his first unofficial job as he helped a brand pass product leaflets around the neighborhood.



At the age of 16, when he could legally work, Biaheza got a job with a mall department store. It was during this period that one of his pages began to gain traction. And within a short time, Biaheza sold his first shout-outs for 10 dollars with 13,000 followers. Afterward, he realised something could be achieved from the whole process. So, he kept hustling and selling more shout-outs, even though sometimes he didn’t get anything from them. However, during this period, he realised that the people who he was selling shout-outs to were simply promoting products for another company but through their website in a concept known as “dropshipping.”

After Biaheza’s 17th birthday, one of his pages had 20,000 followers. So, Biaheza decided to research more about dropshipping. During his research, he found a product that most people were promoting, and he followed the trend. Due to his experience in eCommerce, he already understood what he had to do.

Biaheza’s first sale


During his first promotion, Biaheza made some sales, but it wasn’t profitable. Therefore, he returned to growing his pages so that he could eventually use them to advertise rather than pay for others’ advertisements. During this period, he was always online, posting materials, images, and other things that would drive traffic to his page. Before long, Biaheza gained admission into the university while at the same time getting a new job with a brand that supplies inflatable materials such as waterslides. All these made him quite busy.

Funnily enough, it was during this period that he made his first 500 dollars for selling shout-outs. Then, Biaheza started earning about $1,000 and more. But considering the difficulties and stress of handling shout-out posts, Biaheza had to abandon it for dropshipping. Once more, he decided to find a top-selling product for pitching. Fortunately, Biaheza’s effort was rewarded when he promoted the product through different sources and the website, which he developed for it. After the first impressive result, Biaheza decided to promote the product again through all his pages. And this time, it went viral.

Between September 1st and 2nd, Biaheza earned 531 dollars with an online conversion rate of 1.25%. With such an encouraging outcome, he retook the ad and reposted it on many more pages, including his own websites. The result earned him $33,488 between September 2nd and 30th. After removing marketing costs and other expenses from the money, Biaheza made a profit of 25,000 dollars—a significant amount of money for someone like him.

Biaheza’s Facebook page

However, he decided not to relax. Between October 1st and October 31st, Biaheza made 25,572.85 dollars with a conversion rate of 1.43%, which is a drop compared to his previous sales. The drop could be because he didn’t have enough time because he was busy getting the paperwork he needed for his business.

At the start of November, Biaheza decided to run a Black Friday campaign, and it resulted in a massive win for him. Biaheza accrued $53,372.77, with a conversion rate of 1.78%. At this point, he decided to quit his job and focus on dropshipping.

Things even got better when Biaheza decided to pitch some other top-selling products, but this time, he had done his research about Facebook ads and found some exciting marketing features. Biaheza promoted the products through Facebook ads and other pages.

By April 2019, he made a sale of 136,208.94 dollars, with an increased conversion rate of 6%. Although using Facebook ads gave him a small profit margin, it was an easy marketing tool to scale for Biaheza. By May 2019, he made 324,476.75 dollars with a conversion rate of 5%. After removing marketing costs and other expenses, Biaheza made a profit of $100,000.

And there you have the story of Biaheza’s dropshipping. Find out more about Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course.

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