3.4 Billion USD hawala transaction: Rajiv Saxena arrested by UAE police.

3.4 Billion USD hawala transaction: Rajiv Saxena arrested by UAE police.

Rajiv Saxena, a co-accused in AgustaWestland case who was hiding in UAE was picked up by UAE state security forces from his residence yesterday morning, handcuffed and forcibly put on a private chartered jet and extradited to India.

The unmarked jet was reportedly operated by the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) from the private terminal of Dubai International Airport. He was arrested for doing hawala operation in UAE 3.4 Billion US dollar ( Rs. 2.4 lakh crore) had transferred illegally.

Saxena, a CA runs hundreds of shell companies in UAE and India and operates a well-oiled hawala network. His wife was arrested by ED in India and is presently out on bail.

He is reportedly an agent of 10 Janpath and his location in UAE was forced out of sustained interrogation of Christian Michel. Geetha Luthra and Prateek Yadav, lawyers of Saxena allege that he was not even allowed to contact his family nor pick up his medicines and it was a Hollywood style abduction.

His lawyers tried their best to stop the extradition arguing that there was no treaty between UAE and India. When his lawyers asked to speak to UAE state security and demanded to understand what happened, they were told he’s on a flight and can’t be stopped.

When they queried this further, they were told: “Ask the Indian Government”. Saxena’s arrest has sent tremors through many fugitives from India hiding in UAE, as the rulers of Dubai and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are said to enjoy a very cordial relationship.

UPDATE: Another crook, corporate lobbyist Deepak Talwar who made tons of money during UPA I & II is also said to have been picked up by UAE security authorities. He has reportedly been put on the same plane that is bringing back Rajiv Saxena.

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