Chit fund scam documents and evidence are destroyed.

Chit fund scam documents and evidence are destroyed.

CBI claims solid evidence against Commissioner Rajeev Kumar and they must be destroyed all evidence by now. There are some witnesses related to this case had murdered and the police made it a suicide. All evidence is destroyed.  A team of CBI officers was detained and stopped from entering the residence of Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, interim CBI chief M Nageshwar Rao on Sunday told to media that the agency is contacting their senior law officers about the incident. Today CBI will report to SC about the incidents.

“We are contacting our senior law officers about the Kolkata incident. Whatever law officers suggest will be followed,” Nageshwar Rao told news agency ANI.

Supporting the CBI move, Rao said that there is evidence against Commissioner Rajeev Kumar and he has been instrumental in causing the destruction of this evidence and obstructing justice.

The CBI wanted to interrogate Kolkata police commissioner as there was “evidence” that he was instrumental in causing destruction of evidence in the Sarada chit fund scam, Mr.Rao said. Rao told media that the CBI is investigating the chit-fund cases as per the direction of the Supreme Court, they have to cooperate with it.

“ASIT was established by the West Bengal government prior to the orders of the Supreme Court under the chairmanship of Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. And police have taken charge of the evidence and have seized the documents and evidence. They are not cooperating with us in handing over the seized documents, according to them most of the documents are just lost” Rao told media.

He added, several orders were sent to Rajeev Kumar to get the evidence about this the case but the Kolkata police commissioner did not cooperate at any stage.

He claims that the West Bengal police are not helping the CBI and instead its officers are harassing the officials of the Central probe agency.

“Our official notices have gone on deaf years. The state police are not cooperating; they are trying to harass the CBI officials just to trouble. This was brought to the notice of the Supreme Court, which advised the state police authority to cooperate. In the meantime whatever investigation we could do. There is evidence against Rajeev Kumar, he has been instrumental in causing destruction of evidence and obstructing justice,” he said.

“Since he has not been cooperative, CBI decided to visit him and interrogate about the chit case, following which we could have taken the next step. But CBI team were detained and then arrested illegally. I don’t know what crime have they committed? And under what laws were they charged and arrested by the police.  We also fear that the police and the locals who have surrounded our offices in the state might hamper the evidence,” he added.

In an illegal development, the West Bengal police prevented the CBI from arresting its top cop Rajeev Kumar and detained five CBI officials, leading to the high drama here on Sunday.

The development marks a face-off between the Mamata Banerjee government and the CBI, adding a new dimension for the saradha chit fund scam.

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