Cleaner’s day! Narendra Modi washes feet of sanitation workers. A heartwarming gesture!

Cleaner’s day! Narendra Modi washes feet of sanitation workers. A heartwarming gesture!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi displays an emotional moment while doing washes feet of sanitation workers at Prayagraj Kumbh Mela. Hail them as a karma yogis. The Indian culture and tradition expressed in the Mela. Besides, he also took a holy dip in the Sangam River at Prayagraj. Earlier, he also performed a devotional pooja at Sangam River in Prayagraj.

A special video released by news agency ANI, PM Modi is seen meticulously washing the feet of sanitation workers at Kumbha Mela. Wearing a saffron kurta, he purified his soul and later cleaned their feet with a white cloth.

“We were told that we will be honored and were made to sit on chairs. We were speechless when we saw the PM approaching us. He was very soft-spoken. He then washed and wiped our feet and felicitated us with ‘angavastram’.

He also asked us about our problems and the experience of working at Kumbh,” said Pyare Lal.

Earlier, addressing in a gathering during the launch of PM Kisan Yojna, PM Modi digitally transferred the first installment payment under the scheme to accounts of 1.1 crore farmers. He further promised that those farmers who have not received the first installments under the PM Kisan Yojna would receive the amount in the next coming days.

Hitting out at the Congress party for offering loan waivers to farmers, PM Modi said, “For us also loan waivers would have been easy and convenient, we also could have distributed ‘rewri’ for political and election benefits, but we can’t commit such a crime. Loan waiver benefits only a select few who have political connections and influence.” Loan waiver benefits will not reach to the real farmer. He added.

Meanwhile, as he took a holy dip into the Sangam river, he also did a brief ‘sankalp’ and offered ‘dakshina’ to the priests. Accompanied by Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, Modi also performed the aarti and took blessings from the priests who tied a sacred thread to his wrist.

He also declared the government will come up with a “Karma Yogi Plan” that makes a better life for sanitation workers it includes special packages for their children’s education.

Photo credits: DNA India