Robert Vadra was dealing with a close relative of arms dealer for his London properties.

Robert Vadra was dealing with a close relative of arms dealer for his London properties.

Emails sent by Robert Vadra to an associate of arms dealer for his properties in London had put him in serious trouble.

The enforcement department is inching closer towards pushing Robert Vadra into the legal systems. Today a new expose made My Nation has put Robert Vadra in deep trouble. The news expose was regarding an email sent by Robert Vadra with Sumit Chadha, who is the close associate of arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari who has several cases against him including money laundering.

The report said, “The emails are regarding the maintenance of a property in London, namely 12 Bryanstone Square, in which Vadra is in a discussion with Sumit Chadha, a close relative of arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari”. During the investigation, Robert Vadra had said that he doesn’t know who is Sanjay Bhandari. But now Robert Vadra cannot deny the links between the arms dealer.

On April 4, 2010, Sumit Chadha had mailed Vadra from his email account ‘’. “The mail was sent to ‘’. The mail was marked also to ‘ and ‘’” said the report of My Nation and the subject of Chadha’s mail to Robert Vadra was ‘Bryanstone Sq’.

Sumit Chadha had sent this mail to Robert Vadra inquiring about the funds that were pending. In the mail, Chadha had said “As you are aware, I am not doing this project for any commercial gain, only to complete a task taken on as a favor and my ability to complete without unnecessary stress will be greatly assisted if I can be given some clear assurances and timelines on which I will be reimbursed”.

Chadha added “I have commenced completion of all the remaining structural works at the property in relation to the floors, bathrooms and heating system. All materials have been procured and installation has begun of the wooden floors, hope to have (a) full team on site to install bathrooms from (the) middle of next week as the good news is that I have been able to arrange express delivery of the majority of core bathroom fittings”.

On April 15, 2010, Robert Vadra responded to Chadha’s mail and said “Was not aware that nothing had reached you. Will look into it in the morning and let Manoj sort it out. I will be in London soon too. You take care. Cheers”.

By now one thing is sure that the conversion in the emails between Vadra and Chadha were related to the property purchased by Vadra in London, illegally. Now, this has put Robert Vadra in deep troubles and now the Rahul Gandhi can’t call it a political vendetta.

Photo credits: F N