Saturn transit 2020, Going to bring a lot of changes in your life…

Saturn transit 2020, Going to bring a lot of changes in your life…

Saturn is the planet of Justice, the Karmic teacher, and the Judge as well who keep the track record of your Karma or one’s deeds. Saturn either punishes who indulge in unlawful work or doing their deeds against Humanity and Nature and rewards those individuals who are in sync with Nature and do their deeds by serving humanity and doing Lawful wise work.

Those who are involved in cheating or fraud in any kind of profession will ultimately see a downfall in their career and also in their personal life. Saturn is a strict teacher and law-abiding planet who bestows favorable or unfavorable results according to native Karmic balance. Saturn transit and revolve around each zodiac sign for two and a half years but sometimes it stays on one sign for 3 years approximately.

During 2020, From January 25th Saturn will start transiting in its own sign which is Capricorn sign and will remain there till 2022 but it will have some positive or negative effects on each 12 Zodiac sign.

Aries:– Aries natives will shine in their career during this span of Saturn transit in Capricorn with a rise in their overall income.

Taurus:- Taurus native will bear some losses in their personal life but gain from inheritance and investment is very much assured in course of this Saturn transit.

Gemini:- Gemini natives will have auspicious time in their business prospects especially in partnership and conjugal life will be blissful.

Cancer:- Cancer natives will outshine their competitors and will keep their enemy subdue and at bay with a rise in popularity and growth in their career.

Leo:- Leo natives will shine in their every endeavor and will gain financially from multiple sources and litigation.

Virgo:- Virgo natives will gain advanced knowledge and will improve their skill set which would help them climb the ladder of success in their professional life.

Libra:- Libra individuals will share some joyful moments with their family and loved ones with lots of financial and materialistic prosperity during this transit.

Scorpio:- Scorpio natives will see some of the best periods of their life in each and every aspect of life during the span of this Saturn transit in Capricorn.

Sagittarius:- Sagittarius native will gain from foreign lands and long-distance journeys will be fruitful and result oriented during this period.

Capricorn:- Capricorn natives need to deliver much hard work to yield growth and success in their career and materialistic life in this period. Personal life would be blissful.

Aquarius:- Aquarius people will have gains from share market and speculation, travel-related jobs would yield highly beneficial and pleasurable during this Saturn transit.

Pisces:- Pisces natives will gain much profit and wealth in their business or any occupation related to self-employment. A creative field may give much fame and money during this period.

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