Save-Lakshadweep toolkit to focus an agenda.

Save-Lakshadweep toolkit to focus an agenda.

A toolkit has been released for left supporters and film professionals to share online. The hidden motive behind the Save-Lakshadweep campaign has come to light.

Drugs and arms smuggling were rampant on the island. Realizing this, the central government has introduced more stringent restrictions and strengthened surveillance in the island community.

With this, the anti-state forces lost their freedom of action. The plan, which has been prepared for a specific purpose, is now being delivered as a toolkit to those working at different levels of society, including the film industry.


It ranges from prominent political leaders to film actors and writers. Last week, the Kozhikode-based online media published fake news with a particular plan. Aisha Sultana, a director from Lakshadweep, was also involved in the scam.

They also exaggerated things that did not happen on the island. A film industry PRO then disseminated such phony propaganda to the online media. The campaign was part of the film promotion ‘Flash’ directed by Aisha Sultana, which is set in the lives of Lakshadweep residents.

These posts have been shared by Bigg Boss star and serial actress Veena Nair, among others. Filmmaker Badusha also posted on Facebook against the Lakshadweep government.


The Facebook posts by Prithviraj, Sunny Wayne, Antony Varghese, Rima Kallingal, and footballers CK Vineeth and Geethu Mohandas are similar to those distributed by the PRO in the name of Aisha Sultana.

Aisha Sultana, a young female director, has drawn society’s attention to the state terrorism taking place in Lakshadweep. Aisha, a prominent social and health activist on the island, has been outspoken in her condemnation of the central government’s fascist policies.

Aisha claimed that the central government was attempting to implement the RSS agenda in Lakshadweep, India’s only island with 90% of the Muslim population. With Praful Patel taking over as the new administrator of Lakshadweep, the islanders’ lives have changed.

Not a single person had Covid 19 in Lakshadweep. Praful Patel and his team landed in Lakshadweep in violation of the protocol standards maintained by the island people. With that, Covid spread on the island. Lakshadweep does not even have an emergency hospital system.

Praful Patel is destroying the traditional life, beliefs, and jobs of the people of the island. Under the guise of the Coast Guard Act, the livelihoods and sheds of the fishermen were demolished.

One hundred ninety people were fired from the tourism department. Those who make lunch in schools are also expelled. Temporary workers in government offices on the island have been laid off. Anganwadis closed. Bars opened under the guise of tourism.

Slaughter and meat consumption has been banned. Removed beef from the students’ lunch menu. Candidates contesting panchayat elections are required by law not to have more than two children. Aisha Sultana alleged all the anti-people policies brought by Praful Patel.

The move by the central government is to destroy Lakshadweep. Eliminate the peaceful life of ordinary poor Muslims. It is purely political revenge.

It is destroying the faith of Muslims and imposing fascist policies. Human rights activists and civil society activists should intervene to save the lives of the poor Muslims in Lakshadweep.

Aisha Sultana also demanded that strong popular agitations be launched against those destroying the lives and faith of the people of Lakshadweep.

The shooting of the movie ‘Flush,’ directed by Aisha Sultana, based on Lakshadweep’s life, is nearing completion. Aisha, who has co-directed several Malayalam films, had brought public health issues in Lakshadweep to the attention of the National Human Rights Commission and the Union Ministry of Health.

The online media published these releases without changing a single line to implement this particular agenda. The statement reached the news desks of the Left-based media on May 21st.

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