#StopChildMarriage – On women’s day, trending on social media.

#StopChildMarriage – On women’s day, trending on social media.

Image credits: Stephanie Sinclair/VII/Tooyoungtowed.org

After the social media revolution, India had seen several groups have been raised their voice for justice and against human violations. The most noticed one was the unity for Nirbhaya.

Today, on this women’s day, a hashtag – #StopChildMarriage has trending all over the web. The idea was originated from Abhishek Banerjee, a reporter in OP India.

Thousands of people agreed with his point and shared it on social media. Some commented, today is the perfect day to show the nations love to our girl’s child.

In-effect, Child marriage is illegal in India; and girls should have a minimum age of 18 to get married legally. Unfortunately, it’s not following in some rural part of India. Especially in some minority community, poor parents are forced to prepare their child as a bride at her young age.

According to Indian law, marrying a girl child is punishable; imprisonment can go up to two years and a penalty of Rs.50,000. The term-paedophile is used to address this illegal act.