60 Malayalees are connected with Sri Lankan blast.

60 Malayalees are connected with Sri Lankan blast.

IS militant had released a video in Malayalam in addition to Arabic, Tamil and English. It claims the responsibility for the blat at Sri Lanka. NIA is started collecting the details and connections of them with IS terror group. Thowheeth Jamaath a terror group based in Tamil Nadu, who had a strong root in Kerala, was behind the massive terror attack on the Easter day. NIA found a team working for IS terror group in Kerala and they had recruited a team and connected them to Thowheeth Jamaath.

The central agency had confirmed an illegal meeting had hosted by Thowheeth Jamaath Kerala team and hired people from Thrissur, Vandiperiyar, Perumbavoor, and Palakkad. The meeting was held at Namakkal and Madurai in Tamil Nadu state. Authorities stated that the video was made in Malayalam to influence and attract more members to the terror group from Kerala.

State police chief Mr. Loknath Behera had said to media, the state intelligence department has put certain groups under the radar and is verifying the details about the 60 Malayalees connections with Sri Lankan blast. A social media page was widely circulated the Malayalam video and later police found the account and removed it.

Sri Lanka had stopped on arrival tourist and business visa after the news came out.

Photo credits: The Independent