NRI man donates 14.5 million for educate the poor Indian children.

NRI man donates 14.5 million for educate the poor Indian children.

An Indian who lives in the States wins 14.5 million dollar in a lottery and he decided to donate if for the poor Indian children’s education.

Help at life and lives will help back to you. Krishna Barrai who live is Florida has been made 100 of Indian kid’s future become bright. He donated 90% of his fortune for to develop the education for the needy. The world is talking about him and his act for the kids.

According to him the God has been hear the Kids prayers, that’s way I win the lottery otherwise this money would have been reach someone else hand. I believe that I am just a mediator in this. When I heard about the lottery result the first thing came to my mind was about to help the poor children’s for education.

Florida monthly raffle made him multi milliner in a day the unexpected fortune will going to change his life forever, he is going to be the richest person by his help that done for less fortunate children.

Mr. Krishna Marrai is not a regular raffle player, this is the first time attempt just as try but it’s just happened like that. It seems like the lucky rain falling over me. He spoke to News Plus.

His next plan is to shift to Indian and start a trust for to provide help in the children’s education. In the first step the trust will be take care 100 children’s education up to graduation.

It was an unbelievable and an amazing feeling when I had found my lotto is the winner one.

My wife was having coffee when I had called her up to inform the happy news. At first she thought I was just joking. Later she realized that we had millions and she had agreed in the first step itself about my plan to donate for less fortunate children for their education. He added to the media.

Mr. Krishna Marrai in US since 1998, his bother-in-law had brought him to Florida for this study at University of South California. Later he started working in US.

He is now in the lookout for to buy a new home in India to shift and later will start doing procedure to start a charity unit.

Photo credits: Yahoo and Pinterest