A man-made forest is getting ready in Qatar.

A man-made forest is getting ready in Qatar.

Qatar took an initiative to make the nation looks green and they have started to make twelve kilometers of the desert to convert into a forest. This going to be the biggest man-made forest in the middle east region. The tree plantation process has started based on an initial plan developed by a forest development firm from the UK.

The man-made forest project is located at Umm Salal Ali, north part of Qatar and the project is expected to complete by 2020.

The project will have 95000 trees, 2 lakes (28000 square meters), 4 islands, 50 picnic spot, boating, zoo, etc..

A special pipeline connection has made from Doha sewage plant to the forest for the plantation water resource. 

Type of trees are planed in the forest are a mixture of native and African that can sustain in the hot weather as well as less consumption of water.

The idea of making a man-made forest is the nation initiates towards the environment protection. in certain extend, it can help to filter air and it will be a good shelter for migration birds.

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