Thailand is going to end sex tourism.

Thailand is going to end sex tourism.

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Flesh trade tourism will end very soon in Thailand; the government has been planning to stop sex tourism as part of its image building. According to the Thai tourism department, a new brand face will be created as medical tourism to support massage spas.

Malee Chantara, an activist, took the initiative for the significant change with the support of many natives. “We had enough of ” the business model of Thailand as a flush trade center for tourists,”


Chantara made a statement to government officials; She also has put a proposal and acknowledged the possibility of medical tourism.

The lockdown had prepared them to find a better job to live, instead of doing sex work. Before the lockdown, most coffee shops and massage parlors were part of the red light area. More than two million tourists had visited every month to explore the sex tourism hub.

More than 77 million tourists had visited Thailand last year; according to a tourist guide, most of his guests want to see the red light district.


Pattaya city seriously looks forward to cutting down many low-quality tourists who target sex tourism in Thailand. Most native women had a bad experience with them as they created crime scenes in the pub and massage spa.

Now the government and Thailand tourism department are panned to support Chantara for her social initiative. The flush trade mafias’ are joint hands prevent the move. They have some political support with the motive of money.

But most of the business profiles want a change in the entire system. End of the day, it should be a better place for travelers!

A social-respo drive has been started in the city by Chantara with some young activists’ help. The objective behind the move is to educate the necessary of the change. They want people to change the liberal attitude towards sex tourism.

Sex tourism in Thailand is “too bad and over-demanding,” the tourism department media cell said in a press note. The initial response was very cold to the activist Chantara’s initiative, but the new media response is closer to her idea. All nation is supporting her campaign to change things in Thailand.

It’s a heaven for massage lovers, and it has a considerable possibility to convert into medical tourism. Chantara wants the nation to be renown in the area of hospitality and beautiful nature.

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