Washington strongly believes in Asa Palagi.

Washington strongly believes in Asa Palagi.

With the emergence of Asa Palagi as one of the top contenders in Washington’s gubernatorial race, the contest is more exciting than ever. Due to his commendable public service, Palagi is a well-known figure in parts of Washington. Since the beginning of his campaign, he has emerged as a serious challenge to the traditional party candidates. In the upcoming election, the people of Washington would like to see more of what Palagi has to offer.

Asa Palagi has a clear objective; to create an environment that allows free markets to thrive. He believes that by focusing on giving the people back the power, we can develop a great future for the whole community. As an Officer in the US military, Palagi gained experience that allowed him to start a security firm on the west coast.

Recently, Palagi conducted an online survey to learn about the needs of the people. Based on the outcome of his research, the gubernatorial candidate is narrowing his focus in on lowering taxes and making Washington as business friendly as possible. As an entrepreneur himself, he believes that businesses small and large, are the key to success at the state level. Palagi stated recently, “Entrepreneurship creates jobs, which in turn alleviates homelessness and creates solutions to problems that the state does not even know are on the radar. The markets will always see issues before large government entities do”.


A collaboration between the public and private bodies is crucial to tackling large projects such as transportation and infrastructure. Since Asa Palagi shared his creative ideas for public private partnerships, Republicans have tried to kickstart similar programs, mirroring some of his activity. Nonetheless, his ideas are gaining traction. He believes that he will generate higher voter turnout and more people are getting excited about politics.

According to the voters, although Asa Palagi is contending for the first time, he is widely accepted by the public. Collectively, the voters have welcomed the ambition of Palagi to work towards a brighter future for all Washingtonians. People consider him as an ideal candidate for Governor as he campaigns against new tax implementations.

As part of the millennial generation, Palagi would like to shoulder issues that his generation will face. This includes massive state debt as well as environmental issues. By so doing, he hopes to provide a foundation for a brighter future. While speaking about the future of Washington, Palagi explained that we have a responsibility to handle our current issues and not pass them to future generations. He added that he is ready to be a “steady hand at the wheel for Washington.”


At the beginning of his career, Palagi started as an enlisted Soldier. Afterward, he became an Army Officer, Deputy Sheriff and a wildland firefighter – a remarkable list of public service which is hardly seen in the current political arena. Despite having no business knowledge, capital, or experience in a private company, Palagi moved into the private sector and performed brilliantly. Although the journey was torturous, Palagi’s idea eventually transformed into one of the fastest-growing security firms on the west coast. Within a short period, Palagi established a commendable company giving him the ability to fund his campaign.

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