Canadian Government Officials Claim Missionary KP Yohannan Spent Chartity Funds on Business.

Canadian Government Officials Claim Missionary KP Yohannan Spent Chartity Funds on Business.

A heavily funded missionary organisation that is based in Kerala, India and run by KP Yohannan, has to face accusations in Canada for misusing millions of dollars in charitable donations while a class-action lawsuit, with a similar premise, has been filed against it in a US court.

Gospel for Asia, with its mission centre in the USA, has been enacted by Alappuzha-based KP Yohannan. Since then, it has accelerated with plenty of branches in countries like the US, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Finland, and other countries.

As the missionary found a steady growth path, financial allegations were also raised against it along with the growth. In a brief timeframe, multiple complaints were raised against the Gospel for Asia in Canada and USA. A Canadian-based Fellowship Church has also accused Yohannan’s missionary of financial fraud. Bruce Morrison, a spokesman for the personal authority of the Fellowship Chapel, pointed it out in Nova Scotia.

According to the Hamilton Spectator, 128 million US dollars are missing from the donation from 2007 to 2014. The allegation came to light after a new financial report was released. Also, the media says the money was illegally routed to India to build Yohannan’s business interests.

Gospel for Asia reported to the Canadian Revenu agency about a transaction of 93.5 million USD to India. However, according to the RBI, there was no such remittance that happened during the mentioned period. It clearly indicates that the fund had moved to India in an illegal way.

After finding the conspiracy in the financials, Morrison asked for clarification from Gospel for Asia through emails. However, they were not willing to answer his questions. He moved for legal aid and filed a case with the RCM Police Station. His complaint says that Yohannan’s company took money that was meant for charity and used it illegally for this business in India.

The Canadian Revenu Agency also received another complaint from Garry Cluley. Earlier, he was associated with Gospel Asia and had found many illegal entries in the Gospel accounts. Now he has come forward to report it to CRA.

RCM Police Station officials have confirmed the case against Gospel for Asia. However, they have not commented on any further action against KP Yohannan on the allegation. reported that Pat Emerick, operation in charge of Gospel for Asia, denied all financial fraud charges raised against Yohannan’s charity firm.

He also said that the money had been collected in Canada in accordance with the law, and that the money transfer to India had been set up according to RBI rules.

Warren, an activist, has found the fund raised by Yohannan’s firm in Canada is not reaching the legitimate needy. He led an investigation and found the missing funds were taken out of Canada.

This comes after a report in the media which alleges that the charity has been misused by its leaders. The report also upholds that the fund has spent millions of rupees on plantations and properties while doing hospital business in Kerala. Gospel for Asia has denied all of the claims and said it is looking into the matter.

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