16 People Arrested in Connection With Kerala RSS Leader S K Srinivasan’s Murder.

A report has emerged that 16 people have been arrested in connection with the murder of RSS leader S K Srinivasan. Four leaders of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) have been detained. Subair’s death is being called a “political murder”.

Four leaders of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) were arrested in connection with the murder of RSS leader S K Srinivasan.

Police in Kerala have arrested four leaders of the SDPI for allegedly killing RSS leader S K Srinivasan in Melamuri on April 16. The attack was carried out by members of the Social Democratic Party of India (SD-P) who had gathered to avenge the murder of an RSS worker named Subair Abubaker. The two men were chasing the bike and then hacked the RSS worker to death.

The arrests of the SDPI-PFI leaders have come amid a crackdown on militant Islamist groups in India. The four leaders of the SDPI-PFI were arrested in connection with the killing of Kerala RSS leader S K Srinivasan. Police have identified the arrested individuals as Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Riswan, and A Riasudin.


16 people were arrested in connection with the murder of RSS leader S K Srinivasan.

The police have questioned 16 people in connection with the murder of a Kerala RSS leader. So far, the investigation shows that the alleged killers were a six-member gang. The police are investigating the conspiracy involved in Srinivasan’s killing. These arrests are important because they show how big the conspiracy was.

According to police, the gang that attacked the RSS leader was a motorcycle-borne gang of six. The six attackers killed the RSS leader after tying him up with a sarong. A large crowd of people gathered outside the mosque to witness the incident. Eyewitnesses said the gang hacked Srinivasan to death with sharp objects, including machetes.

After the police detained the three alleged killers, they arrested another three RSS workers. They are accused of killing a Popular Front of India leader, Subair, in retaliation for the killing of PFI leader Sanjith. Srinivasan’s close friend Ramesh was also arrested in connection with the killing. The investigation into the killing of the RSS leader has been going on for months, and the police suspect that all of the accused are linked to this incident.


Subair’s death was described as a “political murder.”

In a recent arrest, three RSS activists—Arumukham, Ramesh, and Sharavanam—have been arrested in connection with the slaying of SDPI activist Subair in Palakkad on April 15. The three allegedly conspired to kill Subair in front of his father, who was in the same car. Moreover, police have received CCTV footage of the accused leaving the scene of the crime. According to the ADGP, Vijay Sakhare, all four were arrested on Tuesday and have links to the RSS.

While the local RSS leader has denied that his son was killed in the attack, his death has been labelled as a political murder. The SDPI, the BJP, and local BJP leaders have all denied any political involvement in Subair’s death. However, the death of the RSS office-bear SK Srinivasan has prompted speculation that the attack may be in revenge for Subair’s killing.

Suspects in the assassination of RSS leader S K Srinivasan have been identified.

Police have identified the two suspects in connection with the murder of RSS leader S K Srinivasan. The incident took place on April 15, and the attack was allegedly a revenge killing for the murder of PFI leader Sabir. The killing of Srinivasan has led to the arrest of three RSS workers. However, the motives for the attack remain unclear.

The alleged killers allegedly had a political motive and were armed. During the trial, the suspects were identified. According to the police, Srinivasan had been a prominent leader in the RSS and a former district leader. The alleged killers hacked him to death as he was returning home with his father. The incident is the second such case in Kerala in a few months.

The death of the RSS leader is not the first time political killings have taken place in Kerala. Political violence has been rife since the CPI (M) and RSS are rivals. The violence was most pronounced in the Kannur district. After the Pinarayi government took office in 2016, it cracked down on political violence in Kerala and held all-party meetings to put an end to the killings. However, the RSS-SDPI rivalry has grown in the Palakkad district over the last two years.

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