A slight increase in cardamom prices is expected for mountain valley farmers.

A slight increase in cardamom prices is expected for mountain valley farmers.

Cardamom is a western ghats originated spice that contains high medicinal values. It grows in cold weather and has a pleasant aroma that makes food rich and testy.

The cardamom exporting sector is one of the worst affected areas due to lockdown, and the demand for Idukki cardamom in the international market has kept its price high. Its also know as Elaichi in the Asian market.

But in recent times, we have seen the price of cardamom fall sharply, and farmers have to keep up. The decline in cardamom exports was the main reason for the sharp fall in prices.


Prior to the corona expansion, cardamom prices were above Rs. 6,000 and plummeted to close to Rs. 1,000. However, nowadays, cardamom prices have started rising slightly, giving hope to farmers. The market started spending Rs. 1,600 for quality cardamom crops, which is an indication of the price growth.

Traders in the region are expecting prices to rise further as the New Year approaches. It is generally expected that the export sector will become more active by the beginning of next year and that the price of cardamom will rise to a level that benefits farmers.

Green cardamom


It is the most in-demand spice in the spice list, and green cardamom is used for many purposes, and it is a very well-known ingredient for non-vegetarian foods. Its aroma and health values make food delicious. Green cardamom is also used to make a special tea with a rich masala flavor. It is one of the main ingredients for many bakery products.

Export quality green cardamom is available at a price range of Rs. 1700–1900. The price may vary depending on the current market conditions.

Cardamom has a huge demand in Arab and African nations, and they import it from India. Its quality is described through its sizes, 8 mm bold is known as an export quality crop.

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