Body of 65-year-old woman found eaten by stray dogs in Mavelikara.

A body of a 65-year-old lady has found eaten by stray dogs at her house in Mavelikara, Alappuzha. The incident transpires last week at a village in Mavelikara.

It was found after the stray dogs were seen wandering around her house, and came under the light. Neighbor’s conducted a search, and located the body lying in her house, devoured by dogs.

The neighbors said that they were not aware of her death as no suspicious smell.

The police have suspecting that the fire caught from the kitchen might have led to her death as half of her body was burnt. Mavelikara police have prepared the inquiry report and initiated an investigation.

Stray dogs are a danger for the Mavelikara natives at night. For late travelers from railway station have to depend on auto or two-wheeler to go bus stand safely. Several complaints had given by the regular train travelers to the authorities but no action has been taken place.