Crime branch to book NCP leader Sulfikar Mayoori

The special team from Crime Branch submitted a report about the death of former NCP party president Uzhavoor Vijayan has advocated the authorities to register FIR against party state secretary Sulfikar Mayoori. S Sreejith, IGP will submit a statement to DGP.

In the statement said Sulfikar ought to be reserved for threatening Vijayan via telephone, which stressed Vijayan, worsening his medical state. Sulfikar, who’s also the chairman of Kerala Agro Industries Corporation, is alleged about producing lifelong calls to Vijayan weeks before the latter died at the hospital at Kochi on July 23.

Saseendran resigned in the ministry after he confronted allegations within an obscene phone contact with a women. After Chandy became the minister, Sulfikkar supposedly started to sabotage Vijayan.

Sources from the Crime Branch stated the officials would list that the statements out of Thomas Chandy. The investigators may even send the recorded conversations between Sulfikkar and Vijayan into a forensic laboratory for additional examination. But, Sulfikkar explained that the allegations were false and the dialogue had been edited.

The complaint also stated Uzhavoor’s health condition deteriorated later that he received a telephone call. The NCP leaders had urged the authorities to eliminate Sulffikar in this article.