Kanam Rajendran killed CPI for to save his son.

CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran has been facing a tough time within the party. The major part of the party leaders and members are against his approach towards the police lathi-charge on party leaders, including an MLA.

A group within the party reveals Pinaray Vijayan has been blackmailing Kanam Rajendran with the evidence of his son allegation of civil supplies deal.

The rebel group claims that to save his son from the allegation Kanam had killed the CPI’s party ideology and its not acceptable at any circumstance, and their demand is not less than his resignation.

Kerala police had hit party MLA Eldo Abraham and CPI Ernakulam district secretary on a CPI organized a march. MLA Eldo and other senior party leaders have been injured in the police attack and considering the situation, CPI party leaders have expected a supporting statement from the party secretary Kanam Rajendran but his approach toward the police attack was not convenable to the other party leaders.

According to a CPI leader, “Now, CPI has two sides, one side is Kanam Rajendran and the other side is all other CPI leaders and party members”.

While media had approached Kanam Rajendran for his reaction about the Police attack on the party leaders and he just repeated and supported Pinarayi Vijayan’s statement and his unusual act has created a major group against him in the party.

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