Manju, an actress, died as a result of Covid.

Manju Stanley, a well-known Malayalam film and serial actress, died due to a Covid infection on may 26 in Thiruvananthapuram. She played many prominent and striking roles for south Indian movies, and Manju’s talent made her exceptional in Malayalam serials. She was living in Kochi along with her daughter.

Stanley was associated with Medayil for a new project, and the new movie Fair and Lovely was in the forward movement of post-production. Manju Stanley was handling well her entirely engaged schedule at both film and serial locations. She also was working along with another team for an upcoming serial “Swantham Sujatha”.

Her lineage broke out the distressing news of her grief on social media, saying, “her journey to heaven had begun.” Subsequently, many film personalities came forward to offer condolences about Stanley’s demise.


Kishor Satya, an actor, paid a heartfelt tribute to Manju Stanley, saying that “her chirpy talks and lovely smile will no longer be there.”

Also, in the message, Kishor requests everyone to be safe during the epidemic in which they have predicted that there would be many casualties.


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